This Change Leadership Plan document was created as one part of a required three-part dissertation in the National Louis University (NLU) Educational Leadership (EDL) Doctoral Program. The National Louis Educational Leadership EdD is a professional practice degree program. (Shulman, et al., 2006)

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For the dissertation requirement, doctoral candidates are required to plan, research and implement three major projects, one each year, within their school or district with a focus on professional practice. The three projects are:

  • Program Evaluation
  • Change Leadership Plan
  • Policy Advocacy Document

In the Change Leadership Plan candidates develop a plan that considers organizational possibilities for renewal. The plan for organizational change may be at the building or district level. It must be related to an area in need of improvement, and have a clear target in mind. The candidate must be able to identify noticeable and feasible differences that should exist as a result of the change plan. (Wagner, et al., 2006)

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