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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Reading, Language and Literacy

First Advisor

Donna Ogle, Ed. D., Chair, Dissertation Committee

Second Advisor

Antonina Lukenchuk, Ph.D., Member, Dissertation Committee

Third Advisor

Ruth Quiroa, Ed.D., Member, Dissertation Committee


This study focuses on the instruction of middle grade English language learners (ELs) and their bilingual, English as a Second Language (ESL), and content teachers in a large, urban, Midwestern school district. This mixed methods study gathered quantitative and qualitative data using a survey and interviews to examine the preparation, dispositions, and experiences of middle grade EL teachers; their professional development; their instructional decisions related to language and literacy development; and the factors that influence these decisions. Study results aided the formulation of district, school, and teacher level recommendations based on the belief that without equitable, quality instruction, and highly developed and supported EL teachers, these students will not attain the knowledge and skills in content, language, and literacy necessary for success in learning and life.


Appendix A and Appendix D are included as additional files. These are large data files in PDF that could not be inserted into the main document.

Cardenas-Lopez E - Diss_APPENDIX A _Online Survey -FINAL.pdf (348 kB)
Appendix A - Consent Form and Online Survey

Cardenas-Lopez E - APPENDIX D - SURVEY DATA SUMMARY .pdf (2550 kB)
Appendix D - Survey Data Summary