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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

First Advisor

Carol A. Burg

Second Advisor

James L. Schott

Third Advisor

Dale E. Moxley


This Program Evaluation Plan (PEP) investigates teacher morale in several schools and explores how it may possibly relate to school grade. There are many factors that influence teacher morale, but I believe that school grade plays a major role; and this dissertation takes a closer look as to how some teachers and administrators feel about their schools and positions. By implementing a questionnaire, and conducting interviews with teachers and administrators, I was able to discover that school grade is weighing in teacher morale.

This study breaks down the findings from the questionnaire that was given and offers some recommendations on how to help improve teacher morale in schools. The literature review in this study reflects the importance of teacher morale and the impact that it has on student achievement. As a result of the examining factors contributing to teacher morale, we can see that it does have an influence on the academic achievement of the school.