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Dissertation - NLU Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Harrington Gibson

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Dr. Norman Weston



This paper investigates one of Chicago Public Schools District 299’s many major improvement initiatives: the Recognizing Educators Advancing Chicago (REACH) Principal and Teacher Evaluation System. Examined through the lens of the research of James S. Coleman, Ronald Edmonds, and Anthony Bryk, the REACH Principal Evaluation System has also been evaluated through interviews conducted with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) principals and district-level administrators, drawing the conclusion that the system will have limited success in improving CPS students’ academic achievement because it does not provide the necessary direction, support, or resources to address the external factors that contribute to low student test scores. Instead, it only considers internal factors within an accountability system that holds no promise for successfully addressing the inequity crisis that plagues Chicago Public Schools.

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