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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Norman Weston

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Dr. Jack Denny


The purpose of this program evaluation is to evaluate an after-school elementary tutoring program to determine the impact it has on student achievement. The study is a mixed-method approach with both quantitative and qualitative data that include the following: teacher surveys, teacher interviews, pre- and post-student achievement data, student attendance, and a reflective journal based off observations. Findings and recommendations for tutoring programs include the following: establish a skill focus in math or reading to help remediate core skills, group students in each grade level according to skill deficiencies, conduct pre- and post-assessment to confirm growth and or additional supports, and institute a consistent weekly schedule along with monitoring attendance. Additional findings included the positive rapport building that occurred between staff and students during the tutoring sessions and the need for a weekly after-school homework club to offer a support system that might not be available at home. Selecting staff that have a high level of expertise in the specific subject (i.e., English Language Arts or Math) for tutoring would benefit all stakeholders, as would providing a time and place for teachers to collaborate on best practices.