Date of Award


Degree Type


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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership


Case study methodology was used to explore and better understand how the Leonard Bernstein Artful Learning comprehensive school reform model impacted a high performing suburban elementary school outside Chicago, Illinois. The school adopted the model not because it was doing poorly academically, but rather as a vehicle to institute a comprehensive arts-based curriculum school wide. Focusing primarily on teachers’ perceptions of how the model affected teaching and learning in their classroom, the study also uncovered how the school, families, the community, and district leadership responded to and supported Artful Learning over a five year period since its inception. The study found Artful Learning (Experience, Inquire, Create, Reflect) to be a powerful means to deepen student learning, build community within and outside of school, stimulate reflective practice among teachers, and empower teachers to lead school-based professional development. Contributing to the research knowledge on the role of art in educational renewal and teacher leadership efforts, the author concluded that Artful Learning can be an effective school reform model that allows educators to deeply engage with, explore, and deliver curriculum that revitalizes teaching, learning, and leadership.





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