Welcome to the New Taylorism! Teacher Education Meets Itinerant Curriculum Theory

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Summer 2017


The scholarly, discursive work of João Paraskeva goes deep into theory and broad into curriculum study, so broad that in fact it becomes necessary to anchor to shore his sweeping articulation of “Itinerant Curriculum Theory (ICT)” to make meaning. Allowing “progressive curriculum scholars” the chance to come out from the “critical curriculum river” where they have long traveled, Paraskeva’s (2011) germinal volume, Conflicts in Curriculum Theory, attempts a radical departure, and most assuredly sets forth a political agenda. Taken at face value, Paraskeva brazenly advances the idea to decanonize and deterritorialize the curriculum studies field as a whole. My purpose and political agenda is to advance Paraskeva’s work through this book review, and in the effort, make ICT more accessible and perhaps even plausible, by specifically calling for curricularists to unbridle curriculum study from teacher education institutions.