Diana Simone

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Spring 5-23-2016


The appropriate identification and placement of minority gifted students is a topic of concern in the school district under study. Our nation and schools are more culturally diverse than ever before, and we need to make sure all students have equal opportunities to be successful. The purpose of this study is to be proactive, deliberate, and diligent about ensuring the equitable recruitment of minority students into gifted education. My study demonstrates that if the nomination form can correctly identify gifted characteristics among minority students, then teachers can make nominations to further and more appropriately grow gifted education. Using valid tools and educated opportunities, previously unidentified gifted students in one specific school under study have been identified for a more challenging and rigorous program of study. It is incumbent upon the school and the district to encourage these minority gifted students to maximize their potential by engaging in learning that will lead to a satisfying and fulfilled life.

May 23, 2016