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Twelfth Edition.


It is not expected that the stories in this book will be told in their present form to Kindergarten children, as experience has shown that each Kindergartner must modify her story to suit the needs and capacities of her children, and must learn to take from any story just so much as may be helpful to her in creating a fresh story for the occasion. It is hoped, however, that they may serve the mother in her home reading with her group of children, and also that my colaborers in primary and second grade schools may sometimes use them for Friday afternoon readings.

A friendly critic has suggested that I add "One story a day is enough for a child." This is certainly the case if the story is to make any deep or lasting impression.


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Stories, Children, Elizabeth Harrison, Chicago, Kindergarten Movement


Children's and Young Adult Literature | Education | Pre-Elementary, Early Childhood, Kindergarten Teacher Education


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