This study aims to explore the postgraduate teachers’ perspectives regarding the ‘culturally responsive teacher’. In doing so, it adopts a basic qualitative approach as the research design. I selected eleven teachers as the study group by using the criterion sampling method. I collected the data from five female and six male teachers from various branches through semi-structured interview forms. I used the thematic analysis technique during the data analysis. I categorized the findings under four themes; “cultural responsiveness”, “self-assessment”, “teacher competencies” and “desirable culturally responsive teacher”. According to the results, being a culturally responsive teacher requires having certain personal and professional competencies, such as avoiding discrimination, respecting cultural differences, being a role model, having an empathic tendency, and having good communication skills as well as a pedagogical background. In the pre-service period, a number of special methods and practices should be implemented in order to develop culturally responsive teacher competencies of future teachers.



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