This study aimed to reveal the experiences of science education graduate students about education in out-of-school learning environments before and after they took the "science education in out-of-school learning environments" course. The study group consisted of 4 students who were attending the Science Education Graduate Program at a state university in Turkey and who were taking the "science education in out-of-school learning environments” course. In the study, the students answered seven semi-structured open-ended questions that were prepared by the researcher at the beginning of the semester. Then, they were taught the "science education in out-of-school learning environments" course, which took 16 weeks. The students answered the same questions at the end of the semester. The interviews were recorded using a voice recorder. Data obtained with the descriptive analysis method were analyzed. The findings of the study obtained from the interviews held at the beginning of the semester indicated that the graduate students did not have any scientific knowledge about out-of-school learning environments and that their answers to questions did not go beyond presumptions. On the other hand, students' level of knowledge about out-of-school environments was observed to increase after the intervention.



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