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School Principal Support in Teacher Professional Development


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This research aimed to determine the level of support provided by school principals in teachers' professional development. It was based on a cross-sectional survey design of the quantitative method. The data collected from the 4,729 teachers who participated in the study were analyzed. The results suggested that the school principals supported the professional development of the teachers occasionally and only 25.5% of principals supported teachers' professional development sufficiently. School principals mostly followed relevant resources to support teachers' professional development and inform teachers about innovations related to education. In addition, school principals did not adequately determine individual and group development programs for teachers' professional development, did not organize a professional development monitoring form for teachers, did not organize educational activities outside the seminar period, did not receive enough help from the experts in the area, and did not give enough individual reading and research tasks. The results also indicated that the principals of high school teachers supported their professional development more than the principals working in primary and secondary schools, the principals of the classroom teachers and the principals of male teachers supported the professional development of the teachers more than the principals of the female and branch teachers and teachers’ level of education did not create any difference in the perceptions of the teachers.