Implementing the philosophy that students wishing to be teachers must actively experience the practices they may implement themselves, a college professor embarked upon an active research project which explored student perceptions regarding the effectiveness of different quiz platforms. Action research, a cyclic process implemented by teachers for teachers, is inquiry conducted within the everyday context of the classroom. Action research is a practice which generates knowledge for improving learning and teaching, and as a tool for generating knowledge, it must be guided by a framework focusing on the creation of knowledge. The Constructivist philosophy is such a framework, and the instructor implemented it in this research. Using Constructivist activities such as classifying data, creating themes, looking for disequilibrium, creating relationships between data, creating frameworks and theories to describe and explain the data, the instructor and his students were able to explore the effectiveness of closed-notes quizzes and open-notes quizzes. This exploration resulted in a new instructional delivery construct for the instructor; in this new scheme active processing was not only the driving force behind quizzes, but also a force for implementing creativity, the integrated curriculum, and assessment.



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