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Unpublished Paper - Public

Publication Date

Fall 2015


This paper reports research on a practicebased curriculum, the Adaptive Cycles of Teaching (ACT), supported by a cloudbased technology that enables coaching and feedback to preservice teacher candidates as they engage in classroom instruction. Specifically, the research explored mentor teachers’ perspectives on the benefits and limitations of the ACT literacy model and if mentors’ own literacy instruction practices improved through their involvement with ACT. Ten mentor teachers (grades 16) were interviewed. Interviews were transcribed and thematically coded to address the research questions. Findings indicated that mentors had a positive view of the ACT literacy model, and saw an impact on their students’ learning. Mentors benefited by having additional reflective opportunities, and in some cases, learning new literacy instruction practices. Mentors identified challenges in completing all the coaching steps and working with the technology. This feedback has lead to refinements in the coaching steps and the technology coaching platform.