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This paper reports research on a practice-based curriculum, the Adaptive Cycles of Teaching (ACT), supported by a cloud-based technology that enables coaching and feedback to preservice teacher candidates as they engage in classroom instruction. The research explored the impact of the ACT on our graduates who had been hired as classroom teachers, in particular how well they were prepared to teach balanced literacy and make an impact on student learning progressions. Seven graduates were interviewed about their instruction with an emphasis on literacy but including other content areas. Surveys were sent to principals to understand their perceptions of our graduates relative to other novice teachers they had hired. Interviews were transcribed and thematically coded to address the research questions. Classroom pre and post assessment data was reviewed along with the analysis of principal surveys from our graduate’s schools. Findings indicated that graduates who had engaged in the ACT for their teacher training developed areas of strength related to adaptive expertise in planning, instruction and analysis of teaching including the learning environment. They were engaged in assessment-centered teaching and sought leadership roles within their school. The research contributes to the promise of the ACT model for curriculum design.