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This is exploratory study investigated the use of the Adaptive Cycles of Teaching (ACT) model and associated technology platform to support and document in-service teacher learning. Four elementary teachers participated in monthly face-to-face meetings as well as virtual coaching through the ACT model as they implemented guided reading instruction in their classrooms. Data sources included the ACT lesson cycles teachers completed online coaching platform, Danielson-derived rubric ratings of the guided reading lessons, and student assessment data. Findings indicated that teachers were challenged in using the technology and where uncomfortable video-taping themselves while implementing a new practice. They did not complete the suggested number of ACT lesson cycles using the technology platform for reflection and coaching. Observational data indicated that teachers performed at a basic level in implementing the new practice. Student assessment data showed achievement gains. However, these gains cannot be warranted to the use of the ACT model since the teachers did not implement the ACT cycles with fidelity. Future use of ACT and TREKLEM with in-service teachers appears to require initial technology training and ongoing coaching to ensure ACT cycle implementation.