Connections are made between the ideas and data presented in two articles to personal experiences: Imagining a Better World: Service-Learning as a Benefit to Teacher Education and the 2012 study from the University of Kentucky, which looks at the impact of service-learning in practice. Imagining a Better World: Service-learning as a Benefit to Teacher Education defines service-learning as “An ‘approach to teaching and learning in which service and learning are blended in a way that both occur and are enriched by the other’” (Jagla et al, 2010 p.3) This blending of service and learning is exemplified in a medical mission trip to El Salvador. The author demonstrates, from firsthand experience, how much of an influence service-learning can have on the lives and personal world view of highs school student and teachers. This experience supports the data presented from the University of Kentucky which is to say that service-learning not only creates empathetic students who understand their impact as agents of change but also increase test scores. This article overall presents the benefits of service-learning and how implementing service-learning in teacher training programs can have a positive impact on student outcomes.



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