This reflective piece investigates the meaning behind engaging in community service in the context of pre-service teachers, specifically through Loyola University’s Future Teachers Club. Much research has been conducted looking at the effects and the importance of engaging in service for pre-service educators’ development in the profession, but few have directly examined the content of that service and how meaningful those experiences were. Through personal transformative moments, such as listening to Father Greg Boyle’s understanding of service and living with a L’Arche community, I explore how one’s understanding of community connections and involvement is just as, if not more, significant than the actual experiences of community service. These moments have motivated my involvement with Loyola Future Teachers Club and our community outreach initiatives ranging from literacy awareness to homeless ministry. By challenging fellow LFTC members to understanding the meaning of the relationships they build within their school, local, and larger communities, we are committed to shaping educators who are purposeful in their involvement and understand the meaning of their work.

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