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The Students of the National College of Education


Evanston, IL.


College Yearbooks, National College of Education, National Louis University, College Students, NLU Alumni, NLU History


Education | Higher Education



Foremost in the minds of people in the last year has been the growing emphasis on labor and its position in the civilization of today. In this book, we visualize students of National as a group similar to any complex group of people who make up an industrial organization. For a period of ten months they have worked harmoniously side by side, organizing, choosing leaders, and combining their efforts in production. When old regulations have become antiquated, new plans and policies have been formulated. As the laborers in a factory build up the company's prestige, so do the students of a college build up its prestige. No matter what the enterprise, the underlying principles are the same. Thus reflecting the trend of the times, The National presents the college this year as an industrialized center made up of individuals who have contributed their utmost in effort, thoughtfulness, and cooperation throughout the year.

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The National, 1938