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Dissertation - NLU Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Daniel C. Buckman

Second Advisor

James L. Schott

Third Advisor

Joan Q. Minnis


I am an elementary principal in the district of this project; and I studied educational research that suggests that in turnaround school situations, the principals who bring about significant gains in student achievement consistently demonstrate a combination of 10 actions within 4 general categories. This is a Winter/Spring 2014 project that involved district leaders and school-based administrators in one of the largest school districts in Florida. The main purpose of the project was to provide research that would convince my district to develop a different system to identify, select, train, and mentor school-based leaders who will be leading the district’s lowest performing schools. This project is important because it can directly affect the growing number of low-performing schools in the district, and ultimately the children’s academic achievement in those schools. If successful, the district also should see a decrease in the number of D and F schools, therefore raising the overall district and school grades.