A Proposed Change Leadership Plan for Seeing Low Student Proficiency as an Urgent Problem

Yvette Scarborough, National-Louis University


The purpose of the change leadership project was to identify the competencies of teachers that produce a sense of urgency to make sure that student achievement and more importantly, student proficiency in reading, math, and writing happens. I identified the competencies that high and low performing teachers believe are critical to ensure student proficiency by researching, developing, and administering a survey about how teachers see themselves and the impact they have on student achievement.

I asked the participants to complete a survey on how they feel they contribute to student achievement. The intended participants are the teachers from R. Scott Elementary (this is a pseudonym for an elementary school in Florida) and two grade levels of teachers from another elementary school in the same district. Qualitative and quantitative data was collected and included survey and student achievement data.

My study shows that complacency with just student learning growth must be avoided and a focus on proficiency is needed. It indicates that to make this happen at a level that insures significant learning growth for all students will require an adaptive change of hearts and minds of school leaders and teachers fueled by research supported best teaching practices. This sense of urgency is necessary from all teachers to make sure our students are ready for the 21st Century workplace.