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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Ted Purinton

Second Advisor

Geri Chesner

Third Advisor

Carlos M. Azcoitia


This evaluation of a pilot program investigates the effects consistent observation and feedback had on teacher practice and motivation to refine instruction. An observation-feedback loop was initiated at a high school in a large Midwestern urban school district where teachers received bi-weekly observations and were provided with instantaneous feedback. Current research has shown that teacher evaluation, if utilized appropriately and with fidelity, can be a strong lever to improve instructional practices. While the advantages are vast, few schools and districts alike are also enacting measures to roll out a companion model that has “coaching” attributes embedded to support educators entrenched in the field and who have deep anxiety and distrust over the formalized evaluation process.

Teaching is a component essential to growth and learning. This pilot evaluation not only assessed teacher and administrator perceptions on practice but also investigated the effects consistent observation and feedback had on the practitioner, particularly as it pertains to the motivation to make refinements.