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Dissertation - NLU Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Jack Denny

Second Advisor

Norman Weston

Third Advisor

Elizabeth McDonald


The purpose of this program evaluation document is to examine the homework and assessment practices of a suburban middle school. The evaluation includes an assessment of the perceptions of teachers and students regarding homework and grading practices in the school. The program evaluation document includes a review of the relevant literature related to homework and an analysis of survey and interview data collected on students’ and teachers’ perceptions of homework. Data were gathered through teacher and student surveys and follow up interviews. Survey finding revealed that for homework to be effective, it must be purposeful, related to classwork, involve student choice, be differentiated to meet students’ needs, and provide feedback on student learning. Furthermore, survey finding revealed that the effective use of homework must involve the coordination of homework assignments among teachers. The data also identified the need for teachers to take students’ home environments and parental involvement into consideration when assigning homework. The teacher interview identified common themes, including: the challenges of differentiated homework, the need for increased communication and collaboration with colleagues, and the need to further assess the parents’ perceptions of homework. Student interview themes included: the necessity of homework, the time commitment of homework, the importance of teacher collaboration and communication, and the need for greater student choice in homework. The program evaluation document also includes recommendations related to homework, including: gathering additional feedback on homework from parents, providing teacher professional development on student choice in homework, increasing teacher collaboration opportunities, and increasing teacher use of student feedback on homework.