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Document Type

Dissertation - NLU Access

Degree Name

Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Educational Leadership

First Advisor

MaryAnn Kahl

Second Advisor

Valerie Schmitz

Third Advisor

James Fitzpatrick


This program evaluation studied enrollment trends for the Advanced Placement (AP) program at a Wisconsin high school. To examine the enrollment trends of AP classes, 68 staff and 172 AP students were surveyed. Also, four Gifted and Talented staff were interviewed. Data was gathered through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction which included the overall student enrollment at School District Y, student enrollment at School X that is within School District Y, and the number of AP exams taken by race, gender, and income at School X. Data from the AP exam participation rate 5-Year summary for Hispanic students at School X was gathered. The results of the data indicate that there are students that are being left behind which include students that are economically disadvantaged as well as Black and Hispanic students.


I first want to thank God for providing me with the courage, strength, and inspiration to complete my doctoral journey. Each day I looked to you for my daily motivation and you undoubtedly were always there. I would like to thank my husband David for the countless amount of hours that he supported me through my journey as well as words of support and encouragement. There were many weekends that I was at the library, Starbucks, and Collectivo Coffee while you were taking care of the kids. Your love and patience means so much to me and I love you more each day for that. I would like to thank my 4 year-old Diana and 2 year-old Declynn for their smiles and hugs when Momma returned home from long hours away. You truly are my inspiration and motivation for completing my doctoral journey. Also to my son Desmond who supported and encouraged me to complete my doctorate. Love all of you!

Much appreciation goes undoubtedly to my aunt Laura “Wowa” Johnikin who watched after the kids for me at times when I was completing my doctoral work. Your words of inspiration, encouragement, and constant support throughout my life and through my leadership program mean the world to me. I love you more than words can say!

I also want to thank my aunt Mamie Scott for all of the talks, proofreads, and constant support of my program. You have always been my number one cheerleader and I love you for that.

Thank you as well to Dr. MaryAnn Kahl, Dr. Valerie Schmitz, and Dr. James Fitzpatrick for your input, Zoom meetings, and your continual encouragement and support of my completion of my dissertation. Your guidance and support has been invaluable.

This work is dedicated to my momma, Marsha Johnikin, daddy, George Johnikin, and grandmother affectionately known as “mother,” Ola Johnikin. I know that you all will continue to look over and protect me from Heaven. Love and miss you!