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Dissertation - NLU Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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Harrington Gibson

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Elizabeth Minor

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Jason Stegemoller



The third section of the dissertation examined how three school districts equitably implemented Senate Bill 100. The districts’ policies were reviewed to see how parents were involved in establishing the discipline policies and how information was communicated to the parents and students. The data for the districts highlighted the discipline and expulsion rates of students by race, gender, achievement gap, and social, economic status.



My policy advocacy project seeks to ensure that SB100 is implemented with the components that relate to bullying, some of the parts pertaining to discipline, developing a Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee, professional development and the need for establishing linkages with community organizations, churches, and businesses to provide resources for victims of bullying and the offenders. There is a final caveat that I would like to add to the policy. I would like to emphasize that those who have prior knowledge of someone wanting to do harm or victimize a person, and who accompany the offender to film the attack without intervening, are accessories to a crime or wrongdoing. I believe they should be held accountable as accessories to harming someone else. Filming the event does not mean that the person might or might not receive the same consequences, but there is a need to develop some form of remediation or corrective action.

Advocating for the effective district-wide implementation of SB100 would take examining components that require the involvement of parents as partners in establishing the policies related to discipline. The Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee (PTAC) is to be determined by each public and charter school. The PTAC, along with the school board or governing body of a charter school, creates policy guidelines on pupil discipline, school searches and bullying prevention (105 ILCS 5/10-20.14) (Section 27-23.7).