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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Harrington Gibson

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Dr. Elizabeth Minor



Redesigning adult learning in order to move toward excellence in the classroom is critical to improving the state of the reform work occurring in our schools. Building coherence among teams of educators by linking staff development to student achievement is the goal of the advocated policy. Providing a professional learning network for educators to work in teams, engage in meaningful and relevant work and develop transformative practices for the classroom is essential to school reform. Creating practical learning networks for classroom teachers that are based on student achievement, current practice, and staff needs is the basis for the policy. The vision behind the adult learning network stems from the idea that on the first day of school every parent wants the ‘best’ teacher for their child and every child wants the ‘best’ teacher for themselves. The idea of ‘best’ rests upon what parents and students see as the teacher that will provide the greatest opportunities for success. The activities developed as part of the advocated learning network are created to support meaningful learning experiences that engage students by translating innovative adult learning into practice.