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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Harrington Gibson

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Dr. Carlos Azcoitia


The purpose of this program evaluation was to review the current attendance/truancy policies and procedures of Mountain West High School (MWHS), identify gaps and concerns, analyze data, and make actionable recommendations that would foster improvement in academic achievement through attendance efforts. A growing body of research indicates that missing 10% or more of the school places students at risk of failing general education courses, having low grade point averages (GPA), and performing poorly on standardized testing in relation to peers with “good” attendance (i.e., 95% average daily attendance [ADA] or better). In addition, students who miss this much school time also are shown to be more at risk for juvenile crime and loss of opportunities (Alabiso, Sprick, & Yore, 2015; Isquierdo, 2004; Roby, 2003). Moreover, several states in America, including Illinois, incorporate ADA in their school funding formula; thus, educational leaders must address attendance in order to maximize resources received from the state.

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