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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Elizabeth Minor

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Dr. Gloria McDaniel

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Dr. Harrington Gibson


This document explores how a change in the definition of the formal observation may improve the teacher evaluation system in the state of Illinois. Currently, the formal observation must be conducted in person as defined by administrative code. In an effort to increase the value and impact of the formal observation as a tool for reflection and professional growth, this paper advocates for a videotaped alternative as an option in addition to the current in-person model. The intent of including a videotaped option is to empower the teacher in the process and increase ownership for building skills as a reflective practitioner. The videotaped model also promotes a more collaborative context for the post observation conference that may lead to a more direct impact on improving teaching and learning. The state of New York (2017) has already implemented a videotaped observation model as an alternative in the teacher evaluation process and the premise of advocating for such a policy was recently the subject of a study at The Center for Educational Policy Research at Harvard (Harvard University Center for Educational Policy Research, 2015a). This policy advocacy document discusses the context and conditions by which to operationalize a similar vision in the state of Illinois.