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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Reading and Language

First Advisor

Sophie Degener

Second Advisor

Terry Jo Smith

Third Advisor

Donna Ogle


This study explored the bilingual linguistic interactions in Mexican families and their impact on children’s language and literacy development. This qualitative study gathered data using different methods, namely, interviews, direct observations, participant observation, and physical artifacts to examine parents’ perceptions of their own educational path in comparison to their children’s educational path in an American school system, together with their daily linguistic interactions in various social contexts, and the features, themes and roles of linguistic interactions participants. Study results assisted in gaining deeper understanding of daily conversations happening in different social contexts and their impact on the language and literacy of children of the participating families. Implications are provided for researchers, classroom teachers, bilingual teachers, professional developers, and community agencies serving Latinx communities in the construction of curriculum and deepening their understandings of Latinx families. Additionally, implications for Latinx families’ understanding of their own parenting are discussed.