Degree Date


Document Type

Dissertation - NLU Access

Degree Name

Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy

Academic Discipline

Community Psychology

First Advisor

Dr. Judah Viola, Chair

Second Advisor

Dr. Bradley Olson, Committee Member

Third Advisor

Dr. Bianca DM Wilson, Committee Member


The current study explored the organizing approaches adopted by nonprofit organizations engaged in social change work within black LGBTQ communities. More specifically the study focused on the ways in which these organizations conceptualize frameworks for change, the evaluative methods adopted to demonstrate impact, and the relationship, if any associated with philanthropic support. The study found three major themes which informed the organizations represented within this study: 1) the significance of the HIV/AIDS epidemic; 2) the persistence of racism within LGBTQ spaces; and 3) the need for gender equity and gender identity inclusion within the broader LGBTQ movement. The major organizing approaches adopted were, consensus building, community building, and social action power-based. Effectiveness of social change strategies adopted were measured by using qualitative and quantitative approaches, associated with, increased visibility and political power, community feedback and improved constituent quality of life. Finally, exploration of the relationship between strategies employed and philanthropic support were associated with four major factors; 1) the availability of funding opportunities; 2) strategy alignment with funder acquisition, 3) funder trust of leadership and organizational capacity, and 4) the organizational ability to develop a sustained donor base.