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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Reading and Language

First Advisor

Ruth Quiroa

Second Advisor

Sophie Degener

Third Advisor

Terry Jo Smith


This qualitative case study explored what occurred when seven Latinx parents and a bilingual coordinator engaged in a book club using the same historical fiction text as the school's fifth grade classroom. Research questions focused on Book Club participation, connections to the focal text(s), and new learning. Data included audiotapes of the sessions, parent written/artistic artifacts, participant interviews, retrospective field notes, and reflective journal entries.

Study findings suggest that positive partnerships between schools and parents can occur within familial text engagement opportunities built on existing relationships with school personnel; use of relevant literature, literacy activities that allow for parent choice and voice, drawing on cultural Funds of Knowledge and life experiences, the autonomy to ask questions and make inferences and connections, and facilitate learning for one another. Finally, the study improved perceptions that parents could better assist their children in learning due to new learning in literacy instruction and reading.