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Dissertation - Public Access

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Community College Leadership


This research study explores and compares the career and technical education programs offered in a US community college and the vocational/career and technology education programs offered in a comparable Chinese postsecondary institution. The study sought to find positive transferable characteristics of the career and technical education programs in each country, which could be shared by similar institutions in China and the US.

Under the impact of globalization, international cooperation and collaboration between institutions and programs becomes more and more important, particularly considering there are many shared problems and thus the potential for shared solutions. This research offers insights and information that may be valuable to postsecondary education administrators and policy makers, and promote cooperation among CTE educators in the US and China. The purpose of sharing solutions is to improve the quality of the career and technical education programs in order to meet global economic needs locally and benefit postsecondary educational systems in both countries.

Although the contexts and many characteristics of the case study institutions differ, they have experienced the impacts of globalization and the current economic crisis, and both must address similar challenges in meeting the increasing demand for a globally competent workforce. The study‘s findings resulted in four primary recommendations that could be adopted by both the US and Chinese case institutions: (a) create timely new programs and courses, (b) seek new funding sources and alternatives for reducing operational costs, (c) recruit qualified full-time or part-time faculty who have industry experience, and (d) add a critical thinking component in all courses. Moreover, recommendations for each of the institutions were developed.