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Document Type

Dissertation - NLU Access

Degree Name

Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Vicki Gunther


Mentoring plays an important role for teachers entering the profession. To support them, most school districts currently use site-based mentors who teach full-time, and in addition to their teaching responsibilities, they mentor new teachers part time. The first part of my 3-part dissertation was a program evaluation of the mentoring program, using site-based mentors, for first-year teachers in Northwest Suburban School District A where I serve as an administrator (Chung, 2018). The purpose of this Change Leadership Plan, the second part of my 3-part dissertation, is to propose a plan to use full-time release mentors who would focus solely on mentoring first year teachers on their caseload. Part of this Change Leadership Plan includes survey data from a neighboring district which releases their mentors from all teaching responsibilities. While the majority of school districts use part time mentors, often referred to as site-based mentors, this Change Leadership Plan investigates the additional levels of support that full-time release mentors could offer new teachers in Northwest Suburban School District A.


I would like to thank my loving wife Kim and my boys Dylan and Kaden for their support through this process. I couldn't have done this without them.