Degree Date


Document Type

Dissertation - NLU Access

Degree Name

Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy

Academic Discipline

Community Psychology

First Advisor

Bradley Olson

Second Advisor

Sezette Fromm-Reed

Third Advisor

Tiffeny Jimenez


Studies have pointed out that human rights education (HRE) can help improve cultures and social life by empowering individuals, groups, and communities. HRE can also push cultures to change their perspectives toward other human beings and their own rights. Yet it may be important to consider a greater variety of aspects of culture when considering HRE, and due to historical and current circumstances involving human rights frameworks, more attention may be given to the ways cultural perceptions can create barriers to human rights. This set of mixed methods studies gives greater attention to the culture that the successful application of human rights education requires greater attention to culture than what is generally discussed in the scholarly literature. Quantitative Study 1 with study discussed why HR, HRE, and the right to education is essential toward the peace by focusing on Muslim culture primarily Palestinians.


I am immeasurably grateful for the experience and inspiration of my dissertation chair, Dr. Bradley Olson, together with committee members, Dr. Suzette Fromm-Reed and Dr. Tiffeny Jimenez in supporting and challenging me during this laborious process.

I would like to recognize my extraordinary Cohort 9 members and professors for their sincere encouragement and support during the three years program. You all have inspired me to achieve at a level higher than I thought possible. For that, I am forever thankful.