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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Norman Weston


The purpose of this leadership change plan was to understand the influence of Samad School’s culture on students’ academic achievement. The goal was to help Samad Islamic School to develop and follow an action plan to improve school culture. Wagner et al.’s (2006) 4C’s change leadership model was used to analyze four dimensions of the school: context, conditions, competencies, and culture. An adapted version of the School Culture Triage Survey was used to collect data. Survey results were presented to and discussed among teachers in both large and small group settings followed by written individual teacher reflections on the process. Based on these data, the school culture fell under the category of “needs adjustments and improvement.” Recommended strategies for improvement include: (a) revisiting the school vision and mission while involving all stakeholders, (b) building strong lines of communication through scheduling, (c) establishing an instructional leadership team to collaboratively work with administrators to design a professional development plan that meets the school’s unique needs, (d) developing teachers’ leadership and empowering them to take initiatives, (e) aligning curriculum horizontally and vertically, and (e) designing a professional development plan for administrators and teachers.