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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Norman Weston

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Dr. Jack Denny


Healthy school cultures play a significant role in improving a student’s educational experience as well as creating a professional environment for staff. Sustaining a positive school culture throughout a K-8 district allows for similar experiences for students and provides stability at the staff level throughout the district. The recommended policy for Yorktown School District would require each school to complete an annual school culture audit to ensure the presence of a strong foundation for all stakeholders. Utilizing the School Culture Triage Survey on an annual basis to determine strengths and areas to focus on will provide a school and district the information needed to build a strong foundation for all stakeholders to flourish. The focus is on three main categories: professional collaboration, collegial relationships, and self-determination (CISC, n.d.). Incorporating this inexpensive, annual school culture audit requires buy-in and commitment from staff and administration. As a result, the ability to collaborate, make adjustments, and solve problems together throughout the year will benefit all stakeholders.