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Dissertation - NLU Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Reading and Language

First Advisor

Dr. Sophie Degener


This multi-case case study explored how literacy teachers integrated the Internet, other ICTs, and the new literacies of online research and comprehension into literacy instruction. The research questions focused on participants’ perceptions about the role, benefits, and obstacles of integration as well as their planning, preparation, and delivery of instruction. The data collection included participant interviews, lesson observations, participant reflections, and classroom artifacts. The study found that teachers integrate technology extensively, explicitly, and purposefully by using technology as a teacher tool and offering students opportunities to use technology tools. Another key finding is that teachers’ lessons reflect a wide spectrum of technology integration. The study’s findings indicate that teachers need preservice teacher preparation and ongoing professional development focused on meaningful, contextualized technology integration and the new literacies of online research and comprehension.