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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Harrington Gibson

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Elizabeth Minor


This three-part dissertation concentrates on student attendance. It is clear that we have a student attendance problem in our nation, particularly in urban school districts. There have been other studies, discussions, and debates on how to improve student attendance, but identifying a single policy, program, incentive, and/or intervention to positively impact absenteeism is difficult. Student absenteeism has and will continue to be a national problem. Many factors play a role in student attendance, to a certain degree, some are controllable and others are extremely difficult to affect.

Part I of this dissertation is a Program Evaluation focusing on the correlation between student attendance and after-school performing arts programs. This study is an Empirical-Analytical Quantitative analysis of longitudinal archived data for schools in a large Midwest urban school district. The longitudinal data from 8 schools within the Midwest urban school district was analyzed. These schools were selected because they had an after-school performing arts program for at least two consecutive years.

The results show that the second year of implementation for an After-School Program, there is a strong positive linear relationship between School Attendance and After-School Program Attendance. However, the findings also make it difficult to answer the primary question of this program evaluation. Overall, the data implies that a longer study is needed to gage what type of linear relationship exist between School Attendance and After-School Program Attendance.

The overarching challenge is for school districts to be able to proactively manage student attendance to ensure children are in school on a regular basis. Creating a culture of collaboration for student attendance, shared responsibility, and trust are key to address our national student attendance crisis.


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