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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Susan Moxley, Ed.D.


Reading programs are essential tools for leaders to use while building literacy. The transfer from instructional delivery to student knowledge should be easily recognizable in the end-of-year assessment data. As the principal analyzing the end-of-year data, I discovered a problem when I struggled to see this transfer in my data. The purpose of this program evaluation was to determine whether teachers perceived Reading Wonders to be an effective reading program for the school district as well as whether the assessment data aligned with teachers’ perceptions. A survey was used to collect responses from the participants and an Excel spreadsheet was used to aggregate the responses. The qualitative data were coded all to reveal different perspectives, notions, and themes. An Excel spreadsheet was also used as tool to aggregate the end-of-year assessment data. The findings showed teachers believed Reading Wonders was not rigorous enough to add at least 1 year’s growth to students using the program. The end-of-year assessment data aligned with teachers’ perceptions. Reading programs are essential tools for building literacy and can help students make progress as they matriculate and depart each grade level through Grade 12. However, their effectiveness should be evaluated often to ensure students continue to grow.