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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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Carla Sparks

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Lorri Butler

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Daniel Buckman


Abstract The problem addressed within this qualitative study involved exploring the limited research regarding kindergarten through fifth grade teachers’ perceptions of the implementation of the school’s Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP). The purpose of this study was to explore six kindergarten through fifth grade teachers’ perspectives of their school’s safety plan. First, the study described how elementary teachers perceived the professional development or training received in preparation for implementing their school’s safety plan. Second, the study explored six elementary teachers’ perceptions of their ability to implement their school’s safety plan using semi-structured interviews. Finally, areas where elementary teachers perceive they required more knowledge or training to effectively implement the CSSP were explored. Bandura’s (1977) conceptual framework of self-efficacy theory guided this study. All teachers agreed that training for the school’s safety plan occurred at the beginning of the year during pre-planning for approximately 90 minutes; they practiced monthly fire drills with students; they were well-prepared in implementing the school’s safety plan; they were knowledgeable about lockdown and evacuation but not as knowledgeable about reunification; they needed practice drills with a ‘refresher type training’; lifesaving training should be required of all teachers and staff; all drills should be unannounced to get the ‘real feel of a real drill.’ It is recommended that the school should conduct an annual review of its school safety plan to identify weaknesses and capitalize on its strengths that are performed well. Future research could expand the study by conducting a quantitative study using a school safety plan survey with a larger sample of kindergarten through twelfth grade public and charter schools teaching staff.