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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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Sandra Stringer


Student learning objectives have emerged as a tool to not only measure student growth, but also as a tool to assess an educator’s impact on student learning. The purpose of this inquiry was to determine what, if any, impact student learning objectives have on an educator's instructional planning and delivery, and then create a change plan that addressed the strengths and needs of the educators involved in order to further support growth in utilizing student learning objectives to positively impact student learning.

This research utilized a mixed methods approach to this inquiry. There was analysis of educator reflections submitted as part of their evaluation process related to student learning objectives. Additionally, a review of the student achievement data connected to the established student learning objectives. Finally, surveys and interviews were conducted with educators at Red Elementary to gain insight into their perspectives on student learning objectives and how student learning objectives may impact the educators professional practice. Results indicate that educators utilize student learning outcomes to plan instruction through the duration of the student learning objective timeline, but do not then plan for next steps or create additional learning goals to continue to support learning around the established goals.