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Document Type

Dissertation - Public Access

Degree Name

Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Matthew Kuofie

Second Advisor

Dr. Adullah Alshboul

Third Advisor

Dr. Kathleen Cornett


The integration of social media into Chicago Baptist Churches congregants recently increased over the last few years. This research study allowed church leaders to determine if social media was an effective media outlet in Baptist churches on the Southside of Chicago. The evaluation research approach was to assess the effectiveness of social media, in particular Facebook and Instagram. Within this conceptual framework, the researcher was able to produced flexible, fixed, and multi-design strategies to abstract a full spectrum of evaluation. The subsequent methodology focused on the dual use of social media and themes that coincide, specifically, marketing, politics, communication awareness, engagement behaviors, viral advertising, and engagement. Twenty-five participants responded to the 21 questions on the Baptist Leadership and Social Media Survey. Results showed that there was a strong, positive, and statistically significant correlation in daily use between the two types of media. For Facebook, the differences showed a strong statistical trend and there was a very strong effect of age. For Instagram, the differences were significant and there was again a very strong effect of age. With respect to changing their current use of social media in the future, men were very likely to change their use of Facebook in the future whereas on women were somewhat to very likely to; however, the difference was non-significant, and the gender effect was small. Men were ‘not so likely’ to change their current use of Instagram whereas women were not at all to not so likely to change in the future; however, this difference was also non-significant, and the gender effect was small.


I would like to first and foremost give thanks and praises to God for giving me patience and endurance for completing this dissertation. I cannot begin to express my thanks for my committee members for their support and encouragement throughout this process. A special thanks to Dr. Matthew Kuofie, my committee chairman for his countless hours of reflecting, reading, encouraging, and most of all patience throughout the entire process. Thank you Dr. Abdullah Alshboul for agreeing to serve on my committee.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Judah Viola and the College of Professional Studies and Advancement at National Louis University for giving me this opportunity.