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Dissertation - Public Access

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Psy.D. Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Academic Discipline

Clinical Psychology - Florida School of Professional Psychology

First Advisor

Elizabeth M. Lane, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Eric Rosen, Ph.D.


While there is a growing bilingual demographic in the United States, relatively little is known about treating this population should they experience a brain injury. This is a growing area of interest, as research has demonstrated that the acquisition of a second language promotes neuroplastic changes that then impact brain functioning pre- and post-brain-injury. Given bilingualism’s cognitive complexity, clinicians are left with challenges on how best to tailor treatment for brain-injured bilingual populations. Therefore, the focus of this review was to provide clinical recommendations to clinicians performing assessments with bilingual individuals with acquired brain injuries. The goal was for the guidelines provided to aid in the augmentation of appropriate strategies for neurorehabilitation to maximize linguistic, cognitive, and communicative improvement, leading to social readaptation and a better quality of life.