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Dissertation - Public Access

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Psy.D. Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Academic Discipline

Clinical Psychology - Florida School of Professional Psychology

First Advisor

Gary Howell, Psy.D

Second Advisor

Patricia Dixon, Psy.D


Being an adolescent victimized by bullying is not only widespread but all too common in a society that deems it a “normal” rite of passage. However, bullying in schools has received increased attention since school shootings have inundated the media and news headlines the last several years. Some have correlated bullying to the shooters being bullied themselves. Being a victim of bullying has been linked to serious medical and mental health problems, not just in adolescents but across the lifespan. It is common for victims to experience physical problems such as abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal concerns. Mental health problems experienced by victims include, but are not limited to, anxiety, depression, negative sense of self, and sometimes severe mental illness. Interpersonally, the victim has a lower life satisfaction and can have a skewed perception of reality. Research indicates that an integrative approach can be a more effective way to target bullying and stands a better chance at educating not just students but also the surrounding community. This research project discusses the overall effects of adolescent bullying on adults, current evidence-based treatments and preventions, recommendations for future studies, and recommendations for implementation to help reduce the overall effects of bullying.