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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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The purpose of this study was to recognize the decrease in retention of African American college students. What are some of the reasons for a decrease in retention and what do the leaders do about it? Leadership can develop and implement to recruit and increase retention of some of these African American academic students. The college dropout rates on college campuses overall are 40%, with 30% of these students being freshman and sophomores. The theoretical framework for this study is based on the expectancy theory of motivation which is a process theory of motivation (Vroom, 1964). An individual's motivation (Valence) is affected by how much they value any reward associated with an action. An individual's motivation is affected by their expectations of the future and its bounty. The individual’s expectancy will motivate them to put more effort into something that they may perceive will be able to generate good results. The goal of this study is to increase the retention of African American college students through leadership strategies and practices. The study's design and methodology instrument used for the findings were a theoretical framework based on the expectancy theory of motivation and a development theory of step-by-step reasoning toward motivation (Vroom, 1964). To help enlarge the scope of Activities Negatively Influencing Retention of African American College Students and Leadership Strategies to Increase Retention.