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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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Marguerite Chabau, PhD


The State of Florida has become a negative representation of the Stand Your Ground Law due to the three unintended consequences which developed since that law was passed in 2005. They are the disparity of African American incarceration rates when the law is applied, the increase in justifiable homicides, and the exponential increase in concealed carry permits. The intent of this qualitative research study was to inspire the leadership of the state of Florida to actively support and participate in reexamining, reassessing, and revising the Stand Your Ground Law. The literature review suggested that the law is ambiguous because it fails to fit every possible case scenario of justifiable homicide and that there is a relationship between the law and the increase of both justifiable homicide and concealed weapon permits. Additionally, the literature review suggested that racial bias occurs when the Stand Your Ground Law is interpreted. The research design for this study utilized the phenomenological approach, which was employed to enable the usage of diversified data sources which were necessary for collecting the lived experiences and perspectives of the participants of this study.