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Dissertation - Public Access

Degree Name

Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy

Academic Discipline

Community Psychology

First Advisor

Dr. Raymond Legler

Second Advisor

Dr. Bradley Olsen

Third Advisor

Dr. Judah Viola


An average of 12,500 individuals are released from correctional control institutions in America each week. The reentry and reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals into communities has become a relevant concern. This collateral damage caused by mass incarceration continues to challenge correctional institutions and community-based service providers to create better pathways for individuals returning home. Ending the collateral damage caused by mass incarceration will require a change in the way reentry and reintegration are defined, policies are created, recidivism is defined, and services are provided to individuals affected by mass incarceration. This research explores reentry and reintegration practices across five states. This exploration examines how each state facilitates reentry preparation, what state and local governmental bodies do to support reintegration and the available community-based services in each state. This research also explores the usefulness of current recidivism data collection methods, prison-to-education pipelines, and how stigma affects the formerly justice-involved individual.