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Dissertation - Public Access

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Psy.D. Doctor of Clinical Psychology

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Clinical Psychology

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Dr. Emese Vitalis


The goal in this study was to investigate the relationship between fandom and betting. The hypothesis was that sports fans who gambled on their favorite teams would be more likely to make irrational decisions based more closely on emotional attachment than logical thinking. A total of 191 fans of the Chicago Bears (n = 80), Green Bay Packers (n = 57), and Minnesota Vikings (n = 54) were recruited for the study. Participants completed a survey that assessed their knowledge of and love for the three teams. Results indicated fans were far more likely to bet on their team regardless of the knowledge they held. Emotional attachment proved to be a strong indicator of how participants chose to allocate their bets, which resulted in an impact on their decision-making process. The implications of the study are to provide more understanding for gamblers, especially younger gamblers who are inexperienced without fully developed brains.