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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Teaching and Learning

First Advisor

Ayn Keneman

Second Advisor

Teri Talan

Third Advisor

Stuart Carrier


This research aimed to increase the awareness of licensed family childcare programs and use the viewpoints of four stakeholder groups to construct recommended best practices. These best practices are crucial for supporting effective business practices and providing high-quality services to their stakeholders. Online surveys and virtual interviews were used to acquire the stakeholders' perspectives. The collected data revealed three principal thematic codes: family childcare provider, family childcare business, and family childcare environment. Within these three codes, the family childcare program's areas of improvement, inconsistencies, and strengths were identified and evaluated to construct recommended professional and business best practices. Some of the categories of recommended best practices included professional development, professional identity, marketing, and business techniques, all valuable in supporting high-quality, licensed family childhood programs.