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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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Christie McMullen


School leaders play a vital role in teachers' performance; while some leaders create an environment conducive to learning, collaboration, and achievement, others inadvertently contribute to teacher attrition and educational disparities. The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of school leaders' actions on teachers and their practices. The context of this inquiry includes two stakeholder groups: 582 school leaders and 1,054 teachers from all 50 states who are members of Facebook Educator Groups. I implemented a mixed methods design by researching scholarly articles and using qualitative and quantitative survey data to find the most effective school leader practices to increase teacher productivity and improve teachers’ skills. According to the survey findings, there is a disconnect between teachers and school leaders – two parties working against each other instead of teaming toward the ultimate goal of student achievement. Survey findings indicated the reason for this disconnect is the lack of school leadership capacity; school leaders are isolated and often lack the critical skills, knowledge, and support systems to lead and cooperate with teachers effectively. To tackle these issues, I put forth a comprehensive change leadership plan centered around the CARE framework: Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, and Empowerment.